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When you have decided it’s time to breathe a new life into your property, it’s time to call Arizona Repaint Specialist and let our professionals handle your request in a timely and affordable manner. Offering a variety of services in Gilbert, AZ that you will be able to explore below, we have been making home and business owners happy since 1994. Find out how below!

Interior & Exterior Painting

Whether it’s just one room or your entire house, whether it is an interior accent wall or a deck repainting, our team will do it all! Your room doesn’t’ have to have an architectural feature that stands out in order to be interesting and beautiful. With the right shade of paint and a proper application, every surface can get an extraordinary look.

Interior Painting

Drywall Repair

Chips turn into cracks, cracks turn into holes and before you know it, you need new drywall. It might be a low-cost product but that doesn’t mean that drywall does not need an occasional touch-up. The right expert knows how to save you money & time. Turn to us for more information!

Stucco Repair

Arizona Repaint Specialist is also able to provide a time-efficient and timely repair for your stucco whatever type it is. Leaving your stucco siding issues unresolved may lead to serious damage to your curb appeal. Don’t put it on the line! Instead, let our pros help!

Cabinet Refinishing

You don’t need a whole kitchen remodeling to feel like you have successfully transformed your space. A simple cabinet refinishing will achieve the same results. If there is still life in your old cabinets and they just need a cosmetic touch, we’ll give them a makeover.

Pressure Washing

If you have decided to paint over the exteriors of your property in Gilbert, AZ, you will need to first make sure they are fully clean. The easiest way to do it? You guessed it, power washing. You don’t have to be in for repaint job to wash your surfaces, though. You can use that service on its own and reveal the clean side of your house or business building with a simple power wash.

Call (602) 560-1243 today and speak to our professionals to let them know everything about your needs!

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